We are born into a natural world, and all of our senses—through our eyes, nose, ears, skin and mouth—are constantly gathering data for our existence.  At some point in time, out of sheer curiosity, we as human beings desire to know more about the supernatural world.  I believe our Creator desires that we know more about the supernatural than we ourselves desire to know.  God has provided a way for us to know more, and when the hunger increases for more knowledge of the unknown, our spiritual eyes are opened.  Angels are watching over us.  We need to recognize the ministry of angels and realize angels did not go out with the New Testament.


We cannot believe any further than we have knowledge to believe.  The angels are spirits sent forth to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation.  This ministry of angels is still a very valid ministry today.  They still convey messages to the earth.  They are created beings for the service of the Lord on behalf of His people.  These are celestial heavenly beings created for Spirit-to-earth intervention.  God created the angels for His purpose only.  Angels are numerous; according to the book of Daniel, chapter 7: 10, the number of angels runs into the countless millions.  Ten thousand times ten thousand is 100 million.  In The book of Revelations, chapter 5: 11 there are references to billions of angels.


Angels are Holy Sinless Beings with unlimited strength and power.  Angels can be visible to the human eye. Angels can travel faster than the speed of light and can be wherever God needs them to be.


The ministry of angels is part of the salvation package, and it is very much God’s will for His people to understand and know the awesome Kingdom provisions available to the believer.


When our words, choices, life goals, decisions and plans line up with God’s will, plan and purpose for our lives, the preprogrammed angels hear, see and respond to our needs and do what they have been assigned to do by God.


We do not pray to or for angels.  We pray to God in the name of Jesus, and God responds by sending angels to carry out His plan and will for our lives.  It is His will and good pleasure to protect and take care of His children with the help of angels.  They are sent for the aid and protection of God’s people.


Thank you to everyone who buys this book, which gives me the opportunity to share with the readers some of the ways I have encountered angels in my life.

I have found that when my words, choices, life goals, decisions and plans line up with God’s will, plan and purpose for my life, the preprogrammed angels hear, see and respond to me.

As I confess to Jesus in word and deed before men, confessions are made about me before the angels.  Angels harken to the voice of the Lord and when we speak the word of God, we are voicing His words and the angels are released to bring to pass what the word of God declares. Speaking the word of God is one way to release angels to work on our behalf.


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